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 Summer League

Site last updated:
August 27, 2013

Post Season Tournament Schedule
TBA Wednesday Evening!!!


Welcome to the SVNJB Summer League Webpage!

We will use:
* Grades based on 2012-13 School Year

Reasons to Play SV Summer League Basketball:
o Parent's can enter child as Unattached Player (not on pre-formed team)
  o Coaches can enter Pre-formed teams (7 player min / 12 player max)
  o 2 levels of play: Level 1 = Top, Level 2 = Middle
  o 1 game played at a time in every gym. (no side by side games)

  o Standard bleacher seating for games
  o Certified Referees
  o 4 quarter games - 8 minute stop clock
  o 5 Regular Season games
  o All teams eligible for Post Season Tournament - no Team Fee
  o Teams with similar records grouped together in Post Season Tourney
     when possible.
  o Player & gym insurance
Unattached Players (not on pre-formed team):
  o Unattached Players without Teams will be assigned to a team.
  o Unattached Players MUST attend 1 skill evaluation - dates posted,
     more info coming soon!
Volunteer Coaches Wanted:
o Volunteer Coaches for Unattached Teams - 1 child plays for "Free"
     (uniform cost not included)


Summer League Team Composition:

NJB Teams can mix players within Chapter or from other Chapters
o Teams mixing skilled and competitive players should play Level 1

Non-NJB Teams may also enter:
  o Junior High
  o Recreational
  o Local Club Teams
  o AAU Division 2 & 3 level teams - play Level 1

League Level Divisions offered:
  o Boys Level 1 - 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Grades (single grades)
  o Boys Level 2 - 3rd/4th, 5th/6th & 7th/8th Grades (combo grades)
  o Girls Level 1 - 7th & 8th Grades (single grades)
  o Girls Level 2 -
3rd/4th, 5th/6th & 7th/8th Grades (combo grades)

* Grades based on 2012-13 School Year

Level 1 & 2 Division Age Cut-off - click here!


SV Summer League Registration is Closed...................

No Fee for Coach/Team Registration!

See "Registration Info" for other Key League specific info


Regular Season
5 Sunday Games
July 21, 28, August 4, 11, 18

Post Season
Saturday & Sunday
August 24 & 25

Post Season Tournament Final Results Posted....

Post Season Tournament Schedule
Updated 8/27/2013

Girls 5/6
Girls 7-8/5-6
Boys 3/4 - Slam Dunk
Boys 3/4 - Hot Shot

Boys 3/4 - Full Court

Boys 5/6 Level 2
Boys 6th Level 1
Boys 7/8

Summer League Game Schedule

Division Records (Final)
Schedule by Gym

Girls 3/4 -Skill Training
Contact league office for more info!

Schedule by Division:
updated week 5 scores
Girls 5/6 - 7/8
Boys 3/4 Level 1
Boys 3/4 Level 2
Boys 6th Level 1 - 5/6 Level 2
Boys 7/8

Game, Team, & Other Info
- click link

 - Rules & Regulations - revised 7-20-2013
Game Score Sheet
1 Hour Practice Plan
Practice Videos
Blue Card Process
Gym Insurance Request Form

Game Day Maps - click below

Santa Clara High School  
3000 Benton St, Santa Clara 95051

Bascom Community Center
1000 S. Bascom Ave, San Jose 95128

King's Academy High School
562 N. Britton Ave, Sunnyvale 94085

Monroe Middle School
1055 S. Monroe St, San Jose 95128

Moreland Community Center
1850 Fallbrook Ave, San Jose 95130

Willow Glen Middle School
2005 Cottle Ave., San Jose 95125

Email Addresses and Websites

Summer League Email: sv-summerleague@siliconvalleynjb.com

Local Silicon Valley Section Website

D4 Silicon Valley Section Website

SV Stars/AAU Website

Coaches Team Management
Manage your team after Registration!

To access Team Roster and Team Page

Click the Login Button
o Find your team in the drop down
  o Input your "team password"

If you do not have a "team password"
email sv-summerleague@siliconvalleynjb.com
Subject: Team Password Request
Body: Team name, Division, Coach full name

SVNJB Staff will reply with your Team Password.

Mandatory Must Read - Key Specifics of League (click link)
* Parents & Coaches Read before starting the registration process.

Summer League Registration is Closed...................

                    Grades are based on 2012-13 School Year


                 Summer League Registration Now Closed!!!


Team Registration
                              (click link to register your team)

Very important to tell your parents not to register their child for
your team until you provide them with the following info.

oTeam Name
o"Team - Have Uniform" or "Team - Need Uniform"

 No Fee for Coach/Team Registration!
          You MUST select "Pay Later" payment option to complete your


                Summer League Registration Now Closed!!!


                           Registration info & link below 

If your Player will play on a Pre-Formed Team.
Your coach MUST do the following before you can register your player.

  o Coach must first Register the team.
  o Coach must provide you the Team Name and Division.
  o Coach must tell you which option to select regarding team uniform.
        Option 1: “Team – HAVE uniform” 
        Option 2: “Team – NEED uniform”

If you can say "Yes" to the two items below, you are ready to register!
Yes, I read the Key Specifics of the League.
Yes, My coach gave me all of the information.
(Team name, Division, Need or Have uniform)

Registration Link Here

No I'm missing info.
Contact your coach for the missing info and come back to register.

          Summer League Registration Now Closed!!!

                                  (not on a pre-formed team)

                               Registration info & link below:

If your Player is an Unattached Player without a Team/Coach,
You MUST do the following before you can register your player.

  o Read the "Key Specifics of the League" document
  o Mark calendar dates for Mandatory Player Evaluations. Attend at least 1!
  o Make a note to register player as "Unattached - Need Uniform"
  o Identify the appropriate Division level for your players
     current grade & skill level (level 1 or level 2).
  o Make sure your player has not been invited by a coach
     to play on a Pre-formed team. - There will be a $15 processing fee to
     move an Unattached registered player to a pre-formed team.

If you can say "Yes" to the four items below, you are ready to register!
Yes, Calendar is marked with Player Evaluation dates and I'm aware
        that my player must attend 1 evaluation to be guaranteed a spot.
Yes, I've identified the appropriate Division for my player.
Yes, I know to register my player as "Unattached - Need Uniform"
Yes, I read the Key Specifics of the League.

Unattached Players are guaranteed to be placed on a team
         after they have paid and participated in at least 1 Player Evaluation.
         If you register your child AFTER the initial evaluations,
         and your child is not placed on a team, you will qualify for a refund
         minus a processing fee.

         If your child will play on a preformed team, make sure you contact the
         coach for the team info before you register your child.

Registration Link Here


Summer League Member Login below...................

                    Summer League Member Login

                                 (click link above)

Parents can use this link to Login & manage account and
"make payment"!

Upon login, if you do not see "make payment" tab - hit "cancel"
button and it will appear.